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Smith adopted the stage name Kalel Cullen in reference to Superman and Twilight, respectively. Kalel is widely known for her multiple YouTube channels and personalities. She is known to frequently delete all her content before revealing a new style or theme. Beginning with successful beauty channel queenbeeuty in , Kalel developed a large subscriber base. Five months after the video was posted, queenbeeuty was removed from YouTube. Kalel briefly posted lifestyle, vlogs and advice videos on her second channel, KalelCullenTV , but the channel did not gain the traction of her previous one. Kalel announced she would be moving to a new channel named Cozplai , where she intended to post tutorials showing how to make cosplay costumes for her favourite characters. Kalel soon expressed that the channel was too much work, and abandoned it. WonderlandWardrobe was a success, reaching over , subscribers by June Shortly thereafter, Kalel announced she intended to pursue her dream of fashion design, and would not have time to post content on her channel.

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His channel has over 66 million views and , subscribers. He is known for his highly-charged videos about bodybuilding and vegan nutrition, his diatribes against those he disagrees with which includes ” SJW ” ideas, non-vegans, and other vegan YouTubers and his questionable behaviour and attitudes toward other human beings in general. When his year-old grandfather was suffering from a fatal heart attack, Burgess video-recorded the event and intended to post it online in order to use his grandpa as an example of what happens to meat-eaters.

When meat-loving bodybuilder Peter Czerwinski a.

What if YouTube promoting mainstream TV channels and celebrities after a certain date hit the stats of most Indy creators. Or censorship of.

Canada About Youtuber Welcome to my channel. Here you will find vegan recipes that are quick to make and use simple ingredients. My aim is to show people how easy and accessible the vegan lifestyle is. About Youtuber Bonny Rebecca is a vegan advocate, social media influencer, and the author of Carbolicious. She is passionate about helping her followers, many of whom are young girls, realize that healthy food is something to love, not fear.

Her whole-food, plant-based recipes are colorful, healthy, and filling. Together we’re cooking up vegan love and bringing the increasingly popular lifestyle to food fans across the globe.

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The main goal being to create detailed monthly analytics on total viewership interest in veganism, as well as difference between various vegan sub-topics and a sampling of channels analytics on new videos per month only, carefully accounting for anomalous situations. From Philosophical Vegan Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Main Page: Vegan YouTube Directory This page is a mix of finished tables and ideal future finished format sample tables.

Weekly no. What if YouTube promoting mainstream TV channels and celebrities after a certain date hit the stats of most Indy creators.

Vegan YouTube star is branded a fraud by her furious followers after challenge might be one of Parker’s most controversial ones to date. +

On their YouTube channel, where Liz and Mari had 11, subscribers, they posted videos in which they promote a vegan lifestyle and faith in God – and discuss how both healed Mari’s cancer. In one video, titled: “Cancer Transformation FAQ,” Mari said: “The lemon-ginger blast helped me remove inflammation from my body,” but that she did suffer from “food withdrawals” when going through a day juice cleanse.

I am going to continue on this path of going natural,” Mari said at the time, “It’s over, it is done with, I am healed. I feel it in my spirit and in my body. In another video, titled “Stage 4 Cancer Natural Transformation,” Mari revealed how God drew her to the fruits and vegetables in the grocery store that would cure her. When she died Mari was following a vegan lifestyle, as promoted on their YouTube channel, but “wasn’t completely consistent with what she had said in the video,” according to Liz.

Is dating a vegan as hard as it sounds?

The vegan YouTube community is a treasure trove of informative videos about the vegan lifestyle. Here are a few channels to help you on your journey. Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie, fitness fanatic, animal lover or all of the above, YouTube has you and all your vegan needs covered. From tutorials and recipes to interviews and vlogs, a whole vegan community is thriving on the wonderful world of YouTube. There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that are full of fun, information, food and facts to help vegans worldwide.

Check out the accounts featured below and learn how to be the best plant-based pioneer there can be.

12 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegan · 1. We love to eat. · 2. We can eat out just about anywhere. · 3. But we’ll love you forever if you bring us.

Getty – Dmitry Fisher. Picking somewhere to go on a date can be hard enough, but when you’re dating a vegan you might have to think a bit harder. You’ll probably want to check the menu options, leave the leather jacket at home and skip the zoo visit. The Hook Up decided to take a look at some of the issues that come up for vegans dating in a non-vegan world. Bonny Rebecca is a YouTuber and Insta-famous vegan who’s now all wrapped up in the vegan lifestyle, but it wasn’t always that way — she was introduced to veganism by her boyfriend!

I barely even knew what that meant, and he was vegan and so encouraging and open about it,” she told The Hook Up. While Bonnie acknowledges she wasn’t totally open to becoming a vegan at the beginning of her relationship, she realised it wasn’t that hard after all. I thought I knew everything and was ignorant to other people’s ways of eating,” she said.

I plucked a cherry tomato off this bush I was growing and had a really hippy moment and thought, “Oh my God. That came from the soil! What if I just ate everything from the soil?! He’s been vegan ever since, and admits that in an ideal world, he would only date vegans as it’s just a lot easier. Clare Mann is a vegan psychologist and works with people who might be struggling being vegan in a non-vegan world.

Meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans — can people with different eating habits date?

But does she care about plant rights? Actor Natalie Portman has made a video debunking some of the most annoying vegan myths. Portman, who produced and narrated newly released documentary Eating Animals , tackles some of the most commonly asked questions around the lifestyle, including plant rights, dating – and what vegans should do on a desert island. One of the myths she addresses is that people have been eating meat since the beginning of time.

I don’t want to live like a caveman.

Date, April 3, (PDT, UTC−7). Attack type. Shooting. Weapons, Semi-​automatic pistol (Smith & Wesson SD9VE). Deaths, 1 (the perpetrator). Injured, 4 (3 by gunfire). Perpetrator, Nasim Najafi Aghdam. Motive, YouTube demonetization. On April 3, , at p.m. PDT, a shooting occurred at the headquarters of the YouTube Personality Nasim a vegan activist and aspiring.

Below you can watch one of his most entertaining TV appearances. Watch Ed’s YouTube videos now. Watch Erin’s YouTube videos now. Her most popular video, “Dairy is Scary” embedded below alone has over 5. Don’t let that small number fool you though, at this time she has over , subscribers and her channel totals more than 10 million heard-earned views for her unusually well-made videos. Just like Gary Yourofsky and Erin Janus above, James Aspey could make this list on the basis of one incredible video alone: his famously relatable and heart-felt “Wake Up Call” speech embedded below.

Just read the comments below the video to see how positively people react to James’ activism for yourself. James’ YouTube channel is now run by himself and his girlfriend Carly. If this is your first introduction to James Aspey, then I don’t know where you’ve been living, but I consider you lucky, because you have some great viewing ahead of you. According to the Global Vegan Survey results , in order, after the above 5 channels, the following hard-working YouTubers were the next most influential James is technically not a vegan YouTuber as he does not have his own channel, but he is an amazing activist nonetheless, giving free interactive Humane Education presentations for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

Click here to see the full Vegan Survey results.

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On April 3, , at p. Aghdam wounded three people, one of them critically, before killing herself. At p. On March 31, , Aghdam’s family reported to the police that Nasim Aghdam was missing. It is not clear if these police officers were aware of the concerns of Aghdam’s father.

If you’re dating someone with different dietary restrictions than you, will She says vegans and meat-eaters can date in peace, but it does take.

She and her boyfriend John create and post impressive recipe videos on their channel, proving that anything can be made vegan. I transitioned over a couple of months but by that date I made a promise to myself to eat fully vegan! I was vegetarian for a long time growing up and went back to eating an omnivores diet and basically I just never felt good. So once I watched Food Inc. The fact that I loved animals and was eating them never sat right with me either so I had to make the change!

You can use the cashew cream to create vegan alfredo sauce, sour cream, cheesecake, and many other things. We make a mind-blowing nacho cheese sauce from cooked potatoes and carrots which omnivores always find delightfully better than actual processed queso cheese! And pea protein is now used to make a lot of the vegan meat substitutes on the market whether its chicken or ground beef.

Start eating all vegan lunches or dinners and work your way up from there. Then you can also freeze them! Having someone to be accountable to can help motivate! When in doubt just go overhead with food photos. That angle usually always looks good! But I literally knew nothing when I started the blog and the youtube channel.

Australian vegan YouTube star slams vegan who went ‘full on carnivore’

March Sustainable Living. There seem to be so many high-profile vegan YouTubers dropping the diet at the moment, and I thought it would be constructive to create a page to list the most-followed folks and track which of them fall off the wagon either honestly or by being busted and outed.

Raw Banana Tikki – YouTube. Jain Raw Banana Tikki – YouTube Poha Onion Patti Samosa Sanjeev Kapoor, Vegan Foods See more. Date Chocolate Sanjeev Kapoor, Melting Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dating, Vegan Foods.

I went vegan with my partner Nate on November 9, I even went vegetarian a couple of times—once when I was about 10 and then again when I was 18—because I started questioning why it was okay for an animal to have died so that I could eat it. But both times, I ended up quitting because I figured if everyone else around me was eating meat, then surely it couldn’t be that bad.

I certainly never thought I’d go vegan. Then, last fall, Nate and I decided to do some research on veganism after his parents started talking about potentially going fully plant-based. The more we looked into it, the more we learned about why people go vegan, and we both started to realize the huge impact that eating animals has on our planet. We began asking ourselves questions like: Is it really moral for someone to raise an animal so that they can kill it and eat it?

It was like an epiphany. Over just a few days, we used up whatever food we had left in the house.

YouTube star who said veganism and praying had cured her of cancer dies of cancer

Hello from Northwest Arkansas! We drove down here from New York to spend time with Duncan’s family. How did it go and what did we eat? Find out in our latest episode

There seem to be so many high-profile vegan YouTubers dropping the diet at the moment, and I thought it would be constructive to create a page to approx. date if quit) Sun Fruit Dan (original YouTube channel removed).

This episode is brought to you by Vivo Life! And so ends another very spangly and action-packed season of The ChickPeeps! We answer a few listener questions in detail and then have one last lively round of our favourite ridiculous podcast game. Also on this episode…. The ChickPeeps team reflects on which guests had the greatest impact on us, personally.

Robbie shares the reason he no longer writes angry vegan comments on instagram! Robbie extols the health benefits of cold showers that he apparently learned from season 2. We answer listener Stephanie’s question about dealing with bullying in the workplace. The balance between modesty and indulgence: we discuss the guilt that comes with splashing out on expensive vegan goods and knowing when your needs are met,.

Twitter: ChickPeepsPod. Instagram: ChickPeepsPod. Facebook: ChickPeepsPodcast. Robbie Jarvis: robbjarvis.

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