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She sits a little behind the rest of the rolling stock at the Western America Railroad Museum, welcoming visitors in her fading red-and-silver Warbonnet, a sparkle in her year-old eyes. Despite being beat up by weather, time and blowing desert sand, the grand dame of the Western America Railroad Museum, Santa Fe 95, stands regal on a spur near the museum. The year-old beauty still attracts the attention and admiration from visitors from all over the globe. Whether rumbling through a crossing — horn shrieking, gate bells clamoring or sitting peacefully on a track at the local railroad museum, a train can quicken the pulse or simply bring back memories. Maybe a grandfather worked for a railway, or a great-grandfather before then, inspiring a love for the railroad. Often WARM visitors are retired railroad men and women, studying the artifacts, remembering the glory days of railroading — the last years of steam or passenger trains.

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. In our images above and also in Alyssa’s railroad spike photos below you’ll notice that the head of these large railaroad spikes sport an offset head. The larger lip of the offset head on these large spikes, also called crampons, was used to secure the bottom edge of the rail to the steel plate upon which the rail rests.

As the railroad spike is driven through the plate and onwards into the railroad tie or sleeper , the combination of spike, tie-plate, and sleeper hold the rail in place in the stone-covered bed ballast of the railway.

I’ve been using railroad date nails in projects lately, including items as simple as a jewelry or key racks, but these old rusty nails served a greater purpose in the.

Few railroad artifacts capture the eye like date nails. These small thumbnail-sized steel pieces of Americana bear a 2-digit number indicating the year a crosstie was manufactured. The various shapes and styles make each one unique and reflect changing styles across the decades. While walking a line with permission from our friends at the railroad! We also realized we had an obligation to share some of the history behind these unique artifacts. Date nails served as a quality control measure allowing railroads and tie manufacturers to determine the lifespan of a wood timber crosstie.

Through testing, they also helped as experts refined treatment processes, identified variations in performance among species of trees and determined how environmental conditions and climates impacted tie lifespan. Shape serves as a more distinguishing characteristic among date nails.

Railroad Spikes

Since the industry was founded a railroad spike, or some type of fastening device, has been employed to hold the rails firmly in place to a tie, or some other form of lateral support. The entire track structure includes the rail, tie, tie-plate, and ballast system all of which have a very important and specific function. The earliest spikes were simply crude nails and within today’s modern industry the most common type has been in regular use since the early s when used in conjunction with wooden ties.

In addition, following the development of concrete ties specialized clips have become common, which essentially perform the same function but appear nothing like the typical spike. The spike is one of the most widely recognized pieces of railroad equipment by the general public; whether you work in the industry, enjoy studying it, or even have no interest in trains at all virtually everyone understands what a spike is and its basic function. During the industry’s early years, however, developing today’s railroad spike took some time since there was no established practices in regards to either rail fastening systems or much of anything else related to the operation of trains.

Comments and History. Date nails were driven into ties either at the treating plant to indicate the year of treatment, or at the track, to indicate the year the tie was.

Forum Rules. Advertise Here! What is it? What Is It? The Best Of Results 1 to 9 of 9. Found in old RR bed that had been taken up, because the line went out of business. Date nail was found across from old RR Depot. Attached Thumbnails. From Historic “Undetected” Estancia Valley Good Hunting to all! Larry www. It is made from hardened copper. The trains were totally electric from here to Seattle.

Railroad Date Nails

Caption: So this little guy tells quite a story. The year he was placed in this railroad tie sleepers in the UK , the wooden pieces that railroad tracks are secured to was England and the Commonwealth had already been at war with Nazi Germany for 3 years.

An historical overview of the common railroad spike which fastens the rail to the tie via a The earliest spikes were simply crude nails and within today’s modern​.

The quickest way to gauge the value of a railroad spike is to check current retail pricing:. However, it may be difficult to compare the pricing of these spikes with other sources of steel stock. Therefore I did some quick napkin math for you down below:. Buying in bulk will get you a lower per unit price and will generally save you money on shipping. How much is that per pound of steel? Again it depends on what exactly you buy. In my experience, a 6.

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Railroads were one of the most important technologies of the Victorian and Industrial Era, connecting the world in ways previously unknown to society. First invented in the mid s, the steam engine was a critical part of the innovation process. The Transcontinental Railroad was finished in

Vintage Railroad Tie Date Nails Spike Train Track Numbered Raised Nail #13′ RAILROAD STEEL ANTIQUE SPIKE NAIL train tie marker track rare history.

He returned the next morning at 2 o’clock. Wiswell and a friend who accompanied him, John Evans of Mountainside, N. Between and , railroads placed date nails in ties to keep a record of the life of the ties. Utility companies followed later with the use of date nails in their poles. The nailhead carries the date, often the last two figures of the year. Wiswell said.

How Much Are Railroad Spikes Worth? Are They Worth It?

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Common place in the late th century through the mid th century, Date Nails were driven into railroad ties, utility poles, bridge timbers, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. Today, Date Nails are highly sought after artifacts by Railroadiana collectors. Following the Civil War , the railroad race was in full swing. In one such race, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific would compete for government favor; with the line that built the most miles being rewarded with cash and land.

In order to keep pace with this expansion, the timber needed to produce crossties was in high demand. Left untreated, wooden crossties had a life expectancy of only five to seven years.

Collecting Date Nails

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