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Burma: Clean Money

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Its journey towards democracy has been interrupted by wars, colonialism, and militarization resulting in political, economic, and social instability. It has been a slippery slope, but a mountain worth the climb. The country was a colony of Britain for over a century. Following this, another monumental treaty was reached on 12 February The Panglong Agreement was signed between Aung San and ethnic leaders warranting the independence of Burma as a unified state, and granting full autonomy in internal administration for the Frontier Areas that included Shan, Kachin, and Chin.

As the road to independence was being galvanized, Aung San and several cabinet ministers were assassinated by armed paramilitaries in July Almost all aspects of society, as business, media and production, were nationalized or brought under government control. Sporadic protests against military rule were held in Yangon, many of them led by students. These protests were almost always violently suppressed and many people were killed and imprisoned. In , the military government changed the English translations of many names dating back to Burma’s colonial period or earlier – “Burma” became “Myanmar”.

Myanmar’s Freedom Journey

Marilyn V. Longmuir looks at the historical background to the Burmese obsession with pristine bank notes. The stark preference for clean bank notes originated with a custom dating back to the earliest days of banking in British Burma, when paper money was first introduced in the s. Local banks were quite prepared to accept dirty notes from depositors, but only mint-clean bank notes were ever paid out to their customers.

This ritual remained commonplace in Burma prior to the Second World War, when the country was a British possession, and its effects are still tangible today. For most of its history Burma had a barter economy and, though King Bodawpaya r.

In , the military government changed the English translations of many names dating back to Burma’s colonial period or earlier – “Burma”.

After over forty years of military rule, Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma, is finally breaking away from the past and opening its doors to the world. Gaston Bacquet reveals what daily life is really like in this once military state. On the corner of Maha Bandoola and Kon Zay Tan streets, in the heart of the Indian Quarter in the city of Yangon, tea shop buzzboys lay out the tables and coloured plastic stools where local men and women sit as they catch up on current events or quietly read the newspaper.

Taxis and trishaws are already running as locals go to work, or gather in parks for yoga and tai-chi practice. Daily life in Yangon is pretty much like being in a time capsule. Out on the sidewalks, thousands of people set up shops each day offering goods and services from street food, fixing umbrellas by hand, repairing sewing machines, cutting keys or selling smart and not so smart phones. The Myanmar people are said to be amongst the friendliest in Asia.

They are genuine and relaxed, respectful and humble. Yet, beneath all of this, lies a deep sense of pride, nationalism and almost blind love for their leader, Nobel Peace Prize-winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The best place to get an idea of local idiosyncrasy and thought is by talking to locals in tea shops. Locals will also readily try to practice their English with foreigners and will happily discuss politics.

The Myanmar people are easygoing when they bargain and negotiations usually end with both parties smiling happily. It is a place that still offers many mysteries for those willing to sacrifice western modernity for a journey into the past. Much of life in Yangon revolves around religion.

What’s it really like to live in…Myanmar?

Understanding women in Myanmar is an essential step in understanding Burmese society as a whole. However, I decided to dedicate a special article on this topic mainly because there is a misconceived perception in this respect. This false perception is influenced partly by the image of women in neighboring Thailand and partly by projecting a Western perspective on Asian women. First of all it should be noted that Myanmar women enjoy equal legal rights to those of men, can own property, do not traditionally change any portion of their names upon marriage and, in the event of divorce, are legally entitled to half of all property accumulated during the marriage.

Their role is equal, but supportive and complementary rather than in competition with men and if they accept a role a step behind their menfolk, they do so freely and willingly.

the many sites in Myanmar dating to this period. Taken in aggregate at sites throughout Myanmar, Mokti highlights a variability that is lost when places with.

Myanmar is bordered by Bangladesh and India to its northwest, China to its northeast, Laos and Thailand to its east and southeast, and the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to its south and southwest. With a size of , square kilometres , square miles , Myanmar is the largest of the Mainland Southeast Asian states by area. As of , the population is about 54 million. The Pagan Kingdom fell to Mongol invasions , and several warring states emerged.

In the 16th century, reunified by the Taungoo dynasty , the country was for a brief period the largest empire in the history of Mainland Southeast Asia. The British East India Company seized control of the administration of Myanmar after three Anglo-Burmese Wars in the 19th century, and the country became a British colony. Myanmar was granted independence in as a democratic nation.

Allen Family Burma Collection

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We share a list of etiquette tips to follow when visiting Myanmar. Follow these dos and don’ts to stay on the Burmese locals’ good side!

Insect faunas are extremely rare near the latest Cretaceous with a million-year gap spanning from the early Campanian to the early Eocene. The chemical composition of Tilin amber suggests a tree source among conifers, indicating that gymnosperms were still abundant in the latest Campanian equatorial forests. Eight orders and 12 families of insects have been found in Tilin amber so far, making it the latest known diverse insect assemblage in the Mesozoic.

Tilin amber biota fills a critical insect faunal gap and provides a rare insight into the latest Campanian forest ecosystem. Angiosperm-dominated forests became worldwide prior to the latest Cretaceous Maastrichtian and the mass extinction at the Cretaceous-Paleogene K-Pg boundary 1 — 3. Despite the large number of Cretaceous and Cenozoic insect faunas to date, there is a million-year gap spanning from the early Campanian to the early Eocene, which markedly hinders our understanding of the reorganization of terrestrial ecosystem and the impact of the K-Pg extinction event on the evolution of insects 4 — 6.

The present study reports a unique Tilin amber biota from central Myanmar, which provides new insight into the vanished tropical forest during the latest Campanian. Tilin is located on the West Burma block which was part of Southeast Asia by the early Mesozoic 7 , 8. Geology of Tilin amber. Photographs of typical inclusions in Tilin amber.

A Late Cretaceous amber biota from central Myanmar

YANGON – Flexing his oiled, bulging biceps and pecs, year-old one-time bodybuilding champion Sein Maung admires himself in the mirror before starting to pump iron in his Myanmar gym. The barrel-chested nonagenarian’s career has spanned some 70 years, both pre-dating and outlasting the country’s half-century of junta rule. But he describes the late s as his heyday, when he bagged a medal at the Burmese “Mr Olympic” contest before being crowned “Mr Burma” a year later.

Burma has a quasi-parliamentary system of government in which the national origins in the country dating back to , the year prior to British colonization.

This collection, which documents two generations of British aristocrats in colonial Burma, consists of two diaries, dating from to , and two scrapbooks, dating from to At the start or their voyage on the S. Kathleen, Annie Allen’s story is the central focus of the scrapbooks and from to , the diaries and the scrapbook, used together, provide a detailed and intimate view of the challenges of sea travel, the uncertainties of living in a very foreign country, and her joy at becoming a mother.

During the years of to , the scrapbooks document the Allen family’s life in Burma and their interest in Burmese culture, but also show the determined effort to remain close to family who remained in the British Isles. The life of Captain and Mrs. Allen’s daughter, Barbara, is documented through photographs, letters, and sketches. Although the family spent more than twenty years in Burma, their collection and display of ephemera show clearly how they stayed close to their British heritage by taking pride in the monarchy and celebrating traditional events, memorials, and practices.

Around , the focus of the scrapbooks seems to shift to Barbara Allen and her circle of friends, and in particular, her husband, Major George Cecil Brooke. The scrapbooks include material about their wedding, their trip to Buckingham Palace shortly after their marriage, and the birth of their son, John Henry Allen Brooke.

Very little about the deaths of Captain Allen and Major Brooke, both of which took place early in , is included in these scrapbooks, but there are a considerable number of newspaper clippings about the extended family and friends of the Allens, Rayners, and Brookes. It is unclear who actually created the scrapbooks, although, it appears that it may have been constructed by Barbara Allen’s descendants, since her own son and grandchildren are included.

Myanmar (Burma)

The more remote areas of Mon State and Kayin State are undiscovered areas of Myanmar offering spectacular nature and intriguing tribal culture dating back for many, many centuries in the […]. Enjoy the villages […]. This program combines many unique off-the-beaten path opportunities to experience local life and culture while enjoying the beach. Today, journey to Thanlyin village, which was the trading base for early 17th century Portuguese adventurer Philip De Brito.

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Myanmar Burma is a truly lush destination relatively untouched by tourism, offering a rare window into a less urbanized biodiverse landscape of Southeast Asia. Burma is expansive country, stretching from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Burma has a heritage dating back over two thousand years, and is home to over different ethnic groups, a diversity that sometimes results in tension.

Rangoon and southern Burma were incorporated into British India in Burma was administered as a province of British India until when it became a separate, self— governing colony.

Tectonic evolution of the Mogok metamorphic belt, Burma (Myanmar) constrained by U-Th-Pb dating of metamorphic and magmatic rocks. Article (PDF.

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Burmese Women−Best Tips on Dating Hot Girls from Myanmar

Modern-day dating is a minefield of faux pas and unsolicited photos. Cover photo by Rasmus Steijner. What was inspired by St Valentine helping Christian couples wed in the 3rd Century despite a ban from the Roman emperor has now turned into a worldwide celebration that has been embraced by Myanmar. There are even agencies and event planners offering to orchestrate the perfect romantic day. Approaching new people can be awkward—especially if your shyness reduces you to a fumbling buffoon, staring at the end of your shoe and nothing else.

Dating Myanmar-style is very indirect, as Spiro notes: To tell her directly of his love would be unthinkable, for that is tantamount to saying he.

Burma has a quasi-parliamentary system of government in which the national parliament selects the president and constitutional provisions grant one-quarter of parliamentary seats to active-duty military appointees. The military also has the authority to appoint the ministers of defense, home affairs, and border affairs and one of two vice presidents, as well as to assume power over all branches of the government should the president declare a national state of emergency.

In the country held nationwide parliamentary elections that the public widely accepted as a credible reflection of the will of the people. During the year parliament selected NLD member Win Myint to replace Htin Kyaw as president, and the country held peaceful and orderly by-elections for 13 state and national offices. Under the constitution, civilian authorities have no authority over the security forces; the armed forces commander in chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, maintained effective control over the security forces.

Some evidence suggested preparatory actions on the part of security forces and other actors prior to the start of violence, including confiscation of knives, tools, iron, and other sharp objects that could be used as weapons in the days preceding attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army ARSA. An additional 13, Rohingya fled to Bangladesh between January and September. The government prevented assistance from reaching displaced Rohingya and other vulnerable populations during the year by using access restrictions on the United Nations and other humanitarian agencies.

The military also committed human rights abuses in continuing conflicts in Kachin and Shan States. Consensual same-sex acts among adults remained criminalized, although those laws were rarely enforced. Although the government took some limited actions to prosecute or punish officials responsible for abuses, the vast majority of such abuses continued with impunity. Some nonstate groups committed human rights abuses, including killings, unlawful use of child soldiers, forced labor of adults and children, and failure to protect civilians in conflict zones.

These abuses rarely resulted in investigations or prosecutions. There were many reports security forces committed arbitrary or unlawful killings see also section 1.

Dating in Burmese (Part 2)

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